When It All Began

Last year, I started my first (and possibly only) experience as a nanny in the Beaches area of Toronto. After my morning commute to work and before I started work at 8:30 am, I would pop into The Bandit Coffee Shop on Gerrard St. to grab morning cup of coffee (loads of milk, no sugar) and killed time by chatting to the baristas. I did this every workday morning, for over a year. I started to share my stories, gave occasional relationship advice, and expressed my opinion on recent pop culture phenomena. Encouraged to write about my experiences; akin to Carrie from “Sex and the City”, I started journaling and collecting my thoughts on various topics such as body shaming and body positivity, “rape culture”, modern day dating and courtship, and awkward encounters on the streetcars of Toronto. After a year of contemplating starting a blog, here we are (with my sincere apologies for any grammatical or syntax errors).

Though it seems like I “know what I’m doing”, don’t be fooled- I’m just as awkward and curious as the next 22 year old girl. If you need any proof, let me tell you about the time I was caught completely speechless and covered in coffee.

It was probably the middle of March. That morning, I had made coffee in a tumbler (an insulated Starbucks thermos with the open spout at the top) before leaving the house and taking my liquid gold to go. It was cold, windy and probably still dark as I hopped onto the 501 streetcar towards Neville Park. At some point during my commute, on walked an older bearded stranger with a crisp navy tailored suit, and a close likeness to Patrick Dempsey- but with more grey hair.  In complete contrast to the rest of the sleepy and distracted passengers, this man commanded attention as he stepped onto the slow moving vehicle- and I gawked as anyone else; man or woman, would. Now for the embarrassing part! Somewhere between finding eye contact and attempting to sip my coffee nonchalantly, I managed to miss the little mouth spout and poured coffee down the front of my face, scarf and (waterproof) coat. Yes, all while maintaining eye contact. Embarrassed, red in the face and now coffee-less, I hurried off of the busy streetcar five stops too soon and walked the rest of the way to work. Needless to say, that probably woke me up more than any cup of coffee every would.

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