Love & Airplanes

After a rocky breakup and extensive soul searching, I’ve come to the realization that being single has given me a chance to reconnect with the things that I used to love- like running, and reading. It’s not that I lost interest in either, but I tend to have a bad habit of devoting all my time to my significant other without any self-care. There were weeks where I’d neglect seeing my family, working out and even doing day to day chores. I had this over romanticized notion that I had to make the boyfriend my “everything”. I’ve come to realize that in order to care for someone successfully, I have to care for myself first. It’s the same principal as airplane emergency procedures: if you payed attention to the instructional instead of staring down at your iPad, you’d notice that during a drop in pressure you’re to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. Why? Because while the other person is all fine and dandy, you’re nearly suffocating. I have come to believe that the same applies relationships. For now, I’m avoiding airplanes.

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