Body hair- friend or foe?

Honestly, I’ve never really given body hair much thought until I was booking an appointment at a local spa for a routine wax when I found myself discussing a friend’s aversion to the “au naturel” look. She recently started to date a new guy and was gushing about the lovey-dovey particulars of her relationship but there was one little problem that was causing her some anxiety. As she put it, he was “a little hairier than most”.

I started thinking, why are we so off put by something that grows freely and naturally on our bodies? When did we start vying the hairless look over good ol’ androgenic hair? Now, don’t get me wrong I prefer the bare feeling, because of both personal preference and aesthetics sake but, was it always this way? If you’ve seen any vintage porn, you DEFINITELY know that’s not the case.

In a world where typing in “body hair” in the Google search bar brings up results for waxes, tweezers, bleaches and trimmers, one wonders when we started placing emphasis on looking hair-free. Body hair is often seen as a masculine feature which leaves some women feeling the pressure to be hairless and perfectly groomed, or risk being labeled a “hippie”- why does that carry a negative connotation?

I’ve even heard of women using body hair as an aversion for hooking up on the first day- being that they’re so uncomfortable with the idea of showing any sort of stubble that they won’t “do the deed” with a guy. This begs me to ask, if a guy is disgusted with the idea of day old leg hair- would I really want to sleep with him anyway?

Body hair is definitely becoming more of a conversation as of late- Emma Watson has openly admitted to caring for her “lady bush” with various oils that promote hair health and boast benefits such as fewer ingrown hairs. Miley Cyrus is also no stranger to letting it grow, and has even gones as far as colouring her armpit hair pink

But with all trends, there seem to be two very polarizing extremes- your “hairy godmother” or obsessing over the stubble. So what’s my take on body hair? I’m a firm believer that you should follow whatever guideline you’re comfortable with; friction-free softness or feeling the wind blow through your hair. Own it, be confident and please shower regularly. Until next time, I’ll be shaving the parts of my legs that aren’t covered by the rips in my worn out skinny jeans.

Body Hair Shame

Image via Pinterest


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