Sun, Moon and Stars: Chapter One

By every definition, it was yet another picturesque day in Appleby. Bees buzzing in the trees, it must have been just before noon as Nora was blinded by the sunlight shining through the Indian silk scarves pinned around her window as makeshift blinds. Melting into the crisp white linens and pillowy duvet of the large bed, two deer-like blue eyes took a prolonged moment to survey the tiny bedroom. Nora smirked. Cheerful, pale yellow walls adorned with tiny blue flowers encircled the eclectic contents of her life, which ironically felt anything but bright and happy as of late. Struggling to get out of bed, Nora rolled over and pulled a crisp white t –shirt over her thin athletic frame and waltzed her way over to the white dresser opposite to her bed, still pant-less. As she danced around to pull her favourite pair of ripped jeans on, she caught a glimpse of herself in the large gold leafed mirror on the wall and sighed. “Dammit, I’ve cut them too short again”. Nora tied up her curly red mop into a big bun at the very top of her head and attempted to fix the bangs she had trimmed the other day, which now accidentally sat above her thick eyebrows and framed her mostly freckled face. Ready to brave the world, Nora lazily dragged her feet down the narrow hall of the heritage home she lived in with her parents, and childishly hopped down the white, creaky staircase to the kitchen. The house was annoyingly quiet and empty. For a moment, Nora had forgotten that her parents, were travelling for work. Both, established and renowned anthropologists, Jane and Samuel Pierson were in Australia for the summer, working with the indigenous populations for research.

Finding comfort in the solitude, Nora made a large mug of coffee; black and strong and went to sit in the large wicker chair by the window, facing the lush garden her mother had planted. It was her first day back from university,  and Nora was already thinking about returning to her modest and neurotically neat apartment at the edge of her university campus- missing her sanctuary. With an uneasy stomach, Nora curled up with her knees just under her chin and looked down at the delicate little promise ring on her finger that Philip had given her the other night upon her return. “Now what?” she thought, painfully chugging the rest of her coffee.

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